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Located in a rambling farm house on nearly an acre of land, with a yard full of large, shady trees, handmade wooden play structures, rabbits, guinea pigs, flower and vegetable gardens, brick walkways and a grape arbor, Unity School offers a homelike facility in a beautiful, natural setting.

The green, shady yard with a “tree house” platform in the lilacs, sand and digging boxes, swings, a slide, our “ship” climbing structure and space to run provide a place to learn in – and about - nature. We feel the cycle of the seasons, the sprouting of new life in the spring, feet splashing in puddles, and the drift of falling leaves. Our terrific old barn, complete with “castle” play structure, offers a great place to play, especially when it rains.

Inside, learning centers in each classroom are filled with materials to challenge a child’s developing skills and interests. Building toys, puzzles, blocks, modeling doughs, books, games, dress-up clothes and dolls, art materials, math, science and writing activities … the possibilities are almost endless!

No Religious Affiliations 580 N. Garden Way, Eugene, OR  97401
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