Our Mission

It is our dream that the children who pass through Unity School will, through play and discovery,
be encouraged to live a healthy life, always opt for a peaceful way to solve their problems, and weave
who they are and what they have learned here into positive solutions for our community and our planet.

Friends of Unity School

The Friends of Unity School have helped us achieve some amazing
things over the last few years. We are very grateful.

Donors and volunteers helped us turn our 1928 farmhouse into the wonderful facility we have today! Most recently, a volunteer built our new fence for the Panda play area. We love it!

We sincerely appreciate those who donate
their shopping rewards to Unity School, Inc.

Opportunities to donate shopping rewards include signing up for:

Go to escrip.com and register, or your can visit www.shopping.escrip.com.

Fred Meyers Rewards
Go to www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards
and donate reward points to Unity School, Inc..

Amazon Shopping Rewards
Before you shop, go to http://smile.amazon.com/ch/93-0638178
and donate your shopping rewards to Unity School, Inc.

Your contributions of time, donations, or shopping rewards all help
Unity School and are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Wish List

There are always things we’re wishing for at Unity School - things to expand our curriculum, make life better for kids, staff, and families.

Your donation of one or more of these items is tax deductible, and very welcome!

• Big, bouncy balls w/ handles
  • Big wooden trucks
  • Large, durable toy box with drain, for  the playground
  • Large, durable water table
  • Textiles that reflect other cultures (batik prints, brocade, etc.)
  • Cookware and eating utensils from other countries
      (chop sticks made for children, wok, bamboo steamer, etc.)
  • Colored Card Stock

Thanks for your support!

  Munchkin Run

The Munchkin Run has been a fun collaborative event for Unity School and many other
childcare programs in Lane County for over 20 years.

Watch for your opportunity to participate as a runner or sponsor next fall.