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When children enter the door of Unity School, they are usually looking for and needing nurturing - the same kind of nurturing they need at home. Our priority is to meet this need for children and families. We want to make Unity School a part of your family - an extension of your home, and to care for your child with patience and warmth, while we provide opportunities for learning and play.

Our objective is to help each child to set his or her feet firmly on the path of becoming a loving, self-reliant, competent adult. We want each child to experience respect and caring for themselves, others, and the world around them.

We realize these objectives by providing a rich and varied natural environment and learning opportunities centered around the arts and sciences and focused on interpersonal and intercultural learning. The environment and routine are designed for the hands-on, self-directed learning style most suited to young children. Our warm and caring staff model and facilitate nonviolent conflict resolution.

The uniqueness of the program flows from the people who participate. We encourage your participation and feedback.

Unity School has no religious affiliation, and is incorporated as a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt school.

Please call to arrange a tour. Wed love to show you and your child our school and tell you about the program.

No Religious Affiliations 580 N. Garden Way, Eugene, OR  97401
Phone:  (541) 484-0107 Fax:  (541) 484-6944 Email: 

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