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Come and play! The Unity School curriculum and daily routine are based on the High-Scope curriculum - a child-centered program for the development of cognitive, social and physical skills through a hands-on approach. Varied and fun activity centers offer opportunities for play, exploration and learning at a relaxed pace, while more structured teacher-directed circle and small group times introduce new skills and develop the ability to work in a group. Two-, three- and four-year old classes encourage lots of social learning, and mixed-group opportunities offer a chance to stretch and grow.

Each classroom develops a weekly or biweekly focus by brainstorming together and creating ‘concept webs’ that branch off of the previous week’s focus. They are often about the world around us … from our own neighborhood, to peoples and cultures around the world …folk tales or dinosaurs, recycling and ecology, gardening or the solar system…wherever a child’s curiosity leads us!

No Religious Affiliations 580 N. Garden Way, Eugene, OR  97401
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