Our Mission

It is our dream that the children who pass through Unity School will, through play and discovery,
be encouraged to live a healthy life, always opt for a peaceful way to solve their problems, and weave
who they are and what they have learned here into positive solutions for our community and our planet.

Unity Student Parent Reviews

Over the years we have collects several parents comments
regarding our school.


Unity School as given each of our 3 kids a wonderful introduction to school. We love the homey atmosphere, passionate teachers and play-based curriculum.


We were very fortunate to have our daughter at Unity School for the last two years and highly recommend it. This was her last week there and it will be greatly missed!


 There are very caring teachers and wonderful parents too. Definitely check this gem of a school out!


This really is a special school. I feel very blessed that my daughter was able to attend there. I agree with the previous review, the staff are amazing and NOT treated with enough respect and compensation for all that they do!! This is a GREAT school.


This is an AMAZING school! Dedicated and Loving Teachers that make it their career, not just a job. The curriculum is great, bringing nature into the classroom and teaching the children to use their words and to solve problems on their own.


Fantastic after-school program. We are so lucky to have moved into the area. Wonderful teachers; fun creative activities; stimulating playground; garden; animals; and on and on. Unity school has been a very important addition to our family, and had a significant impact on the development of our children.


Unity school was wonderful! Both our boys attended for several years. They have caring staff and have dealt with many special needs issues. One of my children has wheat allergies and they accommodated all his needs. It took a little while to iron things out, but once we did, they were perfect. We definitely miss Unity school. It is a great place for kids.


We love Unity School. Our child is cared for extremely well. The staff really know the students and honor their individuality. The curriculum is dynamic and integrated. Meals are healthy, balanced, and home-made. We couldn't be happier.


Unity School has a wonderful teaching staff, and the children love being there. Comments made on our parent survey: I fell in love with the facility the first time I saw it. I have not seen any other schools that come close to the beautiful set up at Unity and the opportunities it offers its students each day. As the mother of an African American Male, it is important that my son be at a school that truly accepts students of all backgrounds and does not treat him any different because of his race. Everyone is so kind and caring. We feel safe leaving our son with you and he loves it there.


Warm caring teachers. The facility is amazing. Great classrooms. Great outdoor play area, gardens, pets. I love the vegetarian diet because our family is vegetarian. Unity is a safe and inviting place that nurtures learning on multiple levels. I love that my little one comes home daily saying that she has loved her day, and that the day has made her smile. I love the play area, I adore the bunnies and the teachers.


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