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7:00 School opens
Free choice activities
7:45   Breakfast
8:00   Outside time
9:00   Planning circle
9:15   Learning center choices
10:15   Cleanup, circle time
10:30   Snack/recall
11:00   Small group activities
11:20   Free choice / or outside activities
12:00   Lunch served for two’s and three’s groups followed by nap.
12:30   Lunch for all of our classes
1:00   Rest time with stories and back rubs
2:00   Outside time
2:30   Nappers awake, outside
3:30   Circle, Snack
4:00   Outside
4:30   Learning centers
6:00   School is closed for the day

No Religious Affiliations 580 N. Garden Way, Eugene, OR  97401
Phone:  (541) 484-0107 Fax:  (541) 484-6944 Email: 

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